Privacy & Cookie Policy

McLean Translations strongly believes in the importance of keeping clients' (and website users') personal information personal. It will never use your information for any use beyond that stated or the permissions you give us.

We may collect, process and use your personal data (including your name, postal address, email address, telephone, mobile and fax numbers). We will do so to contact you regarding the services you have requested and/or to offer services to you, and/or to provide the services you have requested. This includes re-registration/renewal notifications, payment processing, surveys on improving our service to you and/or invitations to exhibitions, seminars and shows. We may employ trusted third party specialists to process and use your data on our behalf in order to deliver the products and services to you in a more efficient manner.

IP Addresses and Server Logs

The McLean Translations site does record IP addresses and produces server logs - as all Web Servers do. This information is used solely for monitoring the volume of traffic the site receives and measuring the number of readers. We do not use the information for tracking the activities of specific visitors to the site.


The Register site sets cookies in order to help with the management of its advertising and to enable certain user features. Read all about our cookies, and how to manage them here.


In the future, this site may runs advertising for a wide variety of organisations. These adverts will be served from our advertising servers as well as from third-party advertising servers managed by the advertiser.

These ad servers may attempt to set cookies on your computer. All these sites stress that information gathered through these cookies is used purely for the purpose of advert delivery, recording and segmentation. They do not use information gathered through their cookies for their own use, and they do not collect any personally identifiable information.

Email and Online Forms

Website users who choose to subscribe to our services, or complete any of our online forms, may be asked to supply personal data. If they choose to do so, that information is recorded and used for broad demographic information, which may be used to target advertising. If permission is granted, this information may be used to target specific users with occasional emails informing them about commercial services provided by us.

If permission is granted, this information may be used to send occasional emails containing offers from our partners. This will only ever be provided to users who have specifically given us permission to use their information in this way.

We will never use your data for anything beyond the reason stated and the permissions you grant us.


We reserve the right to publish emails and letters sent to us. If the sender asks that that we don't reveal his or her identity, that information won't be published. We never publish a private email address unless specifically asked to do so by its owner.